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Wealthy Affiliate: WA and list building

Wealthy affiliates

Wealthy affiliatesWealthy Affiliate: WA and list building

When you build a list there is a lot to consider

There are a diversity of tools and software that you will need:

1-First you need an autoresponder

2-A capture page

3-A free offer

4-A thank you page

5-A congratulations or download page

6-Getting traffic

7-E-mail series or follow-up messages




On all these you will receive step by step training in WA

And there are a lot more things you get

WA link:   Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

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If you have any questions about WA or would like to offer any WA insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

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GoDaddy Domain Name Registrar Review

domain registrer

Importance of a domain name

If you want to make money online you need to brand yourself.

To brand yourself you need a website.

For real branding you will need a domain name for your website.

A domain name is the name that your website will have.  It’s like the name of an offline store.  The store is the website and the domain name is the store’s name.  You can get any name for your website, if it is available.  Being available is that nobody else in the world has it.  A domain name is registrered all over the world.  There is only one exact domain name available in the whole wide world.

If you are marketing affiliate programs, the affiliate program’s owners will provide you a website.  But this website is a replicate of the affiliate program.  This means that if the affiliate program has thousands of affiliate, your site will be a duplication or the exact same copy of those thousands of sites.  And that won’t be good for you. If you don’t want to have your own website, you can get a domain name and redirect it to your affiliate site. Domain names are registered exactly as they are written.  Any change, and it is a different name.

For example:,,,, are all completely different domain names.  All of these domain names are different domain names.  That’s why many big corporations try to register as many variations of their name as possible.  This is to avoid other people registering those variations and using those variations for their benefit taking advantage of the big corporations’ world wide reputation.

This makes it very important to check out copyrights if you are going to use a corporation’s name, you can be in violation of a trade mark and get into trouble with that corporation and the law.

Domain names are followed by a dot and an extension.  Extensions are the abbreviations after the dot.  The most extensively used is the dot com (.com).  This is for commercial.   This was the initially one used because it was designed for commercial use.  But at present it is used for all kinds of websites.  Almost all possible domain names with common words are unavailable, specially those in the English language.

Since most common domains names are not available with the dot com extension online businesses and organizations are using other extensions.  Most those other extensions mostly used are: .org (organization), .net (network), .info (information), .edu (education).  There are many others available, for example those related to countries: .us (United States), .ca (Canada), .ru (Rusia), .mx (Mexico), etc.

The dot com is so widely used that most people think that all domain names have the .com extension.  When they see a domain name and write it in their browser their first attempt is with the .com extension even if the domain name had another extension, usually this happens because the person didn’t noticed that that business or agency domain name wasn’t a .com.  It has happened to me, and it has probably happened to you. and that’s why you couldn’t reach the website that you wanted to really visit, and probably landed on another website.

You can have a domain name with a .com extension and another website with a .net or .org extension, and they can be completely different websites.   That is, websites not related one to the other. This is why you should always seek a domain name with a .com extension, or variation of it.  If you can’t find it then go with the other popular ones: org, net or info.

If your domain name isn’t a .com, when you include it suggest that people copy and paste it into their browsers, this way they won’t mistake it for a .com.   And you can make prominent your domain name with emphasis on the extension, so that people will notice that it is not a .com.

If you want to have a website domain name you have to register it.  There are many domain name registrars available.  And thousands of resellers.  I don’t recommend the use of a reseller if they are registering domain names in their names.  I once had a domain name registered through a reseller that registered them in their name, that reseller went out of business, and I lost three years of work, because he had it registered for three additional years, and I couldn’t access my website or domain name.

The direct domain name registers available offer a diversity of services and prices.  In my experience I consider GoDaddy to be one of the best.  I have been registering domain names with them for years without any problems.

I invite you to take a look at their website and see all the benefits that they have for you and your future online success for years to come.

Paused link: 30% off New Products from GoDaddy!

Your friend,

Luis Antonios

This blog’s domain name is registered at GoDaddy.

30% off New Products from GoDaddy!

If you join this program through my link I could receive compensation, if you do you will be helping to keep posting legitimate and honest products and services so that you can avoid being scam.

Thank you.

Hostgator hosting review


Website hosting with excellence

If you want to really have a money making opportunity online you need a website.  And to have a website you need a domain name and hosting.

For a domain name registrar you can go to my review on GoDaddy.

Hosting is where your website will be located in the world wide web.  It is like having a piece of land or property or real estate.

In the brick and mortar world, offline, you have a business that has a building and that building is built on a piece of land.  That is what hosting provides, it provides you with an online real estate for you to build your website (building).

You can get a free hosting account to build a website, but usually this has many disadvantages that will have a negative impact in your business or money making opportunity.

One of the negatives is that you have to use a subdomain or redirect of the free hosting provider’s domain name.  And that will make people think that you are not reliable.

Even if you are promoting affiliate programs, having your own website will enhance that.  Professional affiliate programs marketers have their own websites to promote those programs.

There are several hosting providers.  And, there are hosting resellers, too.

I recommend that you go to a first source hosting provider.  Don’t use resellers.  I once used a reseller, he went out of business, and I lost three years of work, my site disappeared from the www.

There are good and not so good hosting providers.  I have used a few of them and have found that HostGator is of the best and at a reasonable price.

With Hostgator you receive a powerful cPanel.  A cPanel is where you access all the many features and benefits that you get.  I consider that they have everything that even a very sophisticated marketer would need.

You can start with their basic, hatching plan, and as you grow, you can upgrade to their more advanced offers.

I had been with them for many years without any issues.

You can build your authority website with them with complete confidence.  An authority website is your main or master website.  You use it to brand yourself, to place all your offers there, and to have complete compliance with the online rules.

If you don’t know how to build a website, they have the famous “wysiswyg” website builders.  This is “what you see is what you get” easy to use website builders.  If you know MS Words or word processing, you will easily build your website online presence.

They have several website building or content management systems (cms) available.  And they are easily installed.  If you want to use WordPress, all you do is make a few clicks, and it’s installed.

Need help with something with your website building or hosting?

Support is a click away!

And the best peace of mind that you can have with a hosting provider.  They will be here for many years.

I consider that they have all the hosting features you will ever need as an online marketer, even if you get to be or if you already are a hugely sophisticated advanced online marketer.

Go ahead and take a look at all the features and benefits they have in store for you.

They even have a special introductory offer for you.

Try it, you will like it!

Click here!

Your friend,

Luis Antonios


If you join this program through my link, I could receive a compensation.  If you do, you will be helping me to continue offering you legitimate and honest reviews on online products and services.

Build your list with ease

List building

BYLWEHow to build your mailing list with ease!

To make money online you need to sell something.   This could be products or services.  And to sell those products and services you need buyers.   To get buyers you need to send people to visit your website.  These people or visitors are called traffic.

You send traffic to your site through different means.  Most by advertising in different media.

But the great majority of the people that will visit your website won’t buy on their first visit.  Sometimes it could take from five to seven visits to your site for somebody to buy from you or any other site.

The problem is that when a visitor leaves your website he will probably forget your website url and will never return to your site.  You have lost a sale forever.   That potential buyer will end buying from somebody else.

How can you secure that that potential buyer, or customer, will return to your site?

The best way to do this is buy grabbing his or her e-mail address.  But the majority of your visitors won’t give you their e-mail address easily.   They don’t know you.

You will have to bribe that visitor to give you his address.   How do you do this?

By offering a free giveaway in exchange for his e-mail.   Usually, some kind of free e-book or manual related to whatever you are selling.

Once you have the visitor’s e-mail you will be sending him followup messages talking about you and about your products and services.  That visitor will get to know you and relate to you.  Then will he be more open to buy from you.

How can you get a visitor’s email and do the followup sending messages to your website visitors?

This is done through an online tool called an autoresponder.

If you have ever included your name and your e-mail in any online form, you have given your name and e-mail to an autoresponder system.  Did you noticed that after that you started receiving messages from that company or person?

It is not that complicated to setup an autoresponder system.

To setup an autoresponder is to setup an email list building system.

You setup a webform or capture page form on your webpage.   Here visitors fill in their names and e-mails, they will automatically be sent to a thank you page and then to the free giveaway download page, where they will get the free gift that you offered them.

From then on they will receive an e-mail from you daily or weekly, depending on how you setup your system.

There are a diversity of autoresponders available.   There are free and paid ones.  There are hosted and web based versions.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.   But the paid and web based versions are the most reliable.

Within the paid ones, there are a diversity of them.   Prices can go from very expensive to very cheap ones.

I have used free and different paid versions.   I consider that Aweber is the Cadillac of autoresponders.   And, TrafficWave is an excellent and inexpensive one.

I have been using TrafficWave for some years now without any problems.

They have a series of excellent video tutorials that show you step by step the setup process.   Don’t understand something?

They have an excellent support system and forum.

Need additional help?   I will help you.

There is a free report that will make it easy for you to build your online money making list or system.

You can access this free report through the following link:

Build your list with ease

Click the link now to access your free autoresponder report.

Your friend,

Luis Antonios

Build your list with ease

If you have any questions about your list or would like to offer any list building insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!
If you want to succeed online, you must have a prospect list–Those who have the lists, make the money.  Those who don’t have a list don’t make money.  It is that simple!

Products and services being reviewed

Product reviews

products and servicesLooking for honest and legitimate products and services?

Some of the products and services that we will be reviewing here are:

Build Your List With Ease (BYLWE)

TrafficWave (TW)

ListWire (LW)


Many others being added systematically.

Visit this blog for additional information since we will be adding it frequently,

Wealthy Affiliate

Your friend,


If you have any questions about a product or would like to offer any product insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

Wealthy Affiliate: is it a scam?

wa_super_affiliate_250x250Wealthy Affiliate University WA

Wealthy Affiliate ( WA ) is  an internet marketing ( IM ) program that will help you make money online.

It is user friendly for people that are new to online marketing ( newbie and wannabes friendly ).

But there are dozens of similar programs and systems saying the same thing.

There are other legitimate and honest programs available.

And, there are many others that are complete scams, rip offs, and fraud schemes.

These scamming, illegal, illicit, dishonest and illegitimate programs all they want is your money and don’t offer you anything of value.

How do you set apart the scam program from the legitimate one?

First, you read carefully their presentation page and offer, that is, their salesletter or page.

If there are any claims that seem too good to be true, probably, that’s correct, they are too good to be true, meaning that the offer is a scam.

Most of the time they offer you over night riches, get rich quick schemes, one click to riches, a button that you will click and the money start pouring in.

They might say that they will do all the work for you, if they do all the work for you, why  don’t they just do it for them, in the first place?

Of course, there are outsourcing services that will do all the work for you, but then you will need a great amount of money to use that service, probably, thousands of dollars.   The difference with these scams is that they offer you all that for $47!

Some might offer you a free trail, a one dollar ($1) trail.  All they want is your information and to get you into the program, and then the upsells, downsells, side sells and one time offers (otos) appear.

Others offer you free things then you have to pay for other needed tools to be able to use the “free” thing.   Most of the time they offer you a free website, but after one hour of video presentation you are taken to the hosting offer, usually a minimum of six month fee.   And you must use their hosting provider for the “free” website to function.

Some will ask for your credit card information, even with a free offer, they could use it for identity theft.

Usually these scam programs could cause you all kinds of problems after you pay.

They usually don’t provide what they said they would give you.   You lose your money, and if refunds were “guaranteed” you could have a very hard time getting that refund, if you get to have it.

Then there are functional programs that are over hyped.   They say that they are newbie friendly, but when a newbie buys or join the program and gets to the member’s area, they find that it is complex, overwhelming, no logical order of training, if any, many trainings take for granted many things that newbies don’t know.

Many times the price paid is high for the quality given, support is low, if any, and for the program, system or tool to work you have to invest additional cash.   The problem with this is that you get to know this after paying for could be an “introductory” price.

This is some of the things you  have to ask yourself by reading the initial salesletter of the program.  Most salesletters are over hyped, they will tell you how easy, fast, low cost, even free, completely newbie friendly, no hassle, perfect program they are giving you.  Some will even tell you that no additional investment is necessary, but inside you get an OTO if you want the program to work like they said in the sales presentation, if not, you will have to do it manually and it will be hugely time consuming.   And, you might not know how to do it manually, anyway.

After you have read carefully, your other diligence is to do a search on the reliability of the program.   This is what most online marketers do before joining any program, they have been scammed so many times with time wasters, and rip offs, that the reputation search has become a common act for experienced marketers.

You do a search, most using Google, using the program’s name + scam, or rip off, or fraud.  Probably, you will receive thousands of results, specially, if the program has been around for some time.   If the program is new, you might not receive many, if any, in this case you should google search for program creator or creators, promoters or resellers.

Many of the results are reviews by people that really do reviews, very few, but most will be from the creators or affiliates that want you to buy the program.

There are even scam sites that in reality are promotions of the program.  In these you notice that everything said about the program is positive, if anything negative is mentioned, it is some minor thing, like it takes up to 24 hours to receive a reply from support.

How can you rely on a review or scam report?  It can be tricky.  If the reviewer is too pushy trying to sell you the program, it could be honest, but not much reliable.  If the scam report by telling you how good is the program, then in reality, it is not a scam report, it is a sales presentation in disguise of the program.

In this case you can do a search on the reviewer or scam reporter.   There are some scam reports that you can use as a guide, for example, idreportcard,

Ok, now to our business, is this review an honest and legitimate one, or am I trying to push you to buy WA system?

Well, I am not trying to push you to buy WA, because what you learn here you can apply to any program that you are inquiring about!

Let’s see:

* There isn’t a long salesletter with over hyped offerings

* The website presentation is divided into several sections so that it is easy for you to navigate and look for whatever you want to look at

* What you see is what you get: there are no upsells, otos, downsells, sidesells

* You have only two options to join: a forever, always, free account, and a paid, premium, account, that’s it

* The free account provides you with two free hosted websites, yours forever: free

* You are told that the free account has some limitations: there is a graph showing them, no surprise

* The paid premium account is only $47 per month

*  You are told from the start that there is no magical, get rich tonight, button, and no one click to fortune system

* You are told that online success requires work, training, dedication, and that it is a long-term venture

* The only additional tool you need is an autoresponder, you have to use your own

* Since you use your own autoresponder, you control your mailing list, it isn’t WA owners’ list, it’s yours

* You get intensive and extensive training

* You can share and have discussions with the owners and with other members

* Many more benefits for you


WA has had only two complains in eight (8) years (BBB), when most legitimate and honest companies have had several complains in that time span.  The problem is not necessarily the complains, its how the company manage them.  Is the company responsive to them?   WA is!

Based on the information provided I consider that WA is a legitimate and honest company.   It is not a scam.

But judge by yourself, see what WA has to offer you:

Click here: Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Click the link and look it over and see and compare with other programs

There is no rush to push you to join, if you do it, do it as an informed person, don’t get taken by the over hyped presentations of other programs.

Your friend,






Your path to success online!


If you have any questions about WA or would like to offer any affiliate marketing insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!


If you join through my link I could receive compensation for it.

The value of a review

Best products

Value of reviewReviewing products and services is money and time consuming

To review a product or service and really state if the product is effective or not you have to:

1-Get the product if it is free

2-Buy the product if it has a price

3-Use it, test it

4-Give it enough time to see if it really works

5-Contact support to see if it is really supportive

6-Search for reviews of other users

7-Search to see if there have been any complaints of the product

8-Search for the reputation of the creator and seller

9-Ask for a refund, if necessary, and see if they really refund

10-Read carefully the salesletter

As you can appreciate a real, legitimate, and honest review of a product does require effort

Wealthy Affiliates has been tried and tested to comply with the above.

WA link:   Wealthy Affiliates


Your friend,


If you have any questions about reviews or would like to offer any review insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

I could receive compensation if visitors through the above links join TW and/or WA.

Product reviews that can save you being rip off

scamsThere is an immense offering of products and services online

Lamentally, most are scams, rip offs, and fraud schemes.

We will be reviewing some of them for your comparison, judgement, and safety.

We have spent thousands of dollars and hours using online products and services.

We have been scammed many times, but we don’t want this to happen to you.

WA will be our system on how to avoid being scammed.

Our themes could include:

1-Scam alerts

2-Good programs

3-Products to avoid

4-Services to avoid

5-Signals of a scam scheme

6-Good products  bad administrators

7-Bad products good administrators

8-Forms of online scams

9-The good guys

10-The bad guys


WA link:   Wealthy Affiliates

Your friend,


If you have any questions about reviews or would like to offer any reviews insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

I could receive compensation if visitors through the above links join TW and/or WA.



ARAutoresponders are the life of all online and even for offline marketers.

All online marketers need to keep contact with their prospects and the way to do that is through an autoresponder (AR).

There are many kinds of AR’s out there, free and paid ones.

The free ones have the disadvantage that they include ads, that’s the price you pay for getting it free.

Most have a series of limitations, for example: you have limited subscribers, limited ad campaigns, these are called autoresponders, limited e-mails you can send, and other limitations.

One problem with free AR’s is that they tend to be short lived.  I have joined a few AR’s that have disappeared, and with my leads in them.   One good lifelong free AR is ListWire, but it too has a few limitations, one is the ads.

There are other AR’s that offer free trials, some are for a few days, others for 30 days.

Some offer low cost trials, for example: $1 one month trial, others offer money back guarantee on the first month.  This is if you are not satisfied with their service in your first month of service, they will refund that month’s payment.

You can cancel your AR subscription at any time, but after the first month you won’t receive a refund if you cancel membership to their service.

There are the self-hosted AR’s, and the Web based AR’s.   Self-hosted is that you upload the AR to your hosting provider and you have complete control of it, usually you pay a one time fee.  The problem with these AR is that you are responsible for whatever happens with the use of your AR.   This is a great headache with SPAM issues.  Spam complains can get you into big problems, even having your AR undeliverability and your host account cancelled.

The other option is a web based AR.  This is the one we recommend.  You can count on the administrators support, spam issues fixing, deliverability issues, and any problem and good maintenance support.

Aweber is the cadilac of AR’s, but they charge a monthly fee based on the number of subscribers in the account, the higher the number of subscribers, the higher their monthly fee.

MailChimp is a good AR, but they have restriction rules to accept affiliate marketers, which is a main income earner for most online marketers.

Some online marketing programs, and most affiliate programs, include an AR with your replicated website, but they have full control of it.  If you leave the program or if your account is cancelled or deleted for any reason, you lose your mailing list with them.

We use and recommend TrafficWave (TW) AR.  Why?


* They have a 30 day free trial offer, no credit card needed, if at the end of the month you don’t want to continue with their service, you do nothing.

* They have only one monthly fee: $18.95, no upgrades.

* They offer unlimited subscribers,

* Unlimited autoresponders (mail campaigns),

* Unlimited message mailings

* Video tutorial training

* Responsive support

* They have an Affiliate program where you can earn commissions when you refer others to their service

* They are web based

* Your first three paid referrals earn you $6.95, meaning that with three paid referrals your TW AR is paid for, free

* Many more benefits,,,,

If you integrate TW with WA you will have an excellent money making program:

Click here to access TrafficWave site

Click here to access Wealthy Affiliate site

Get my free report on how to setup TW with tiny detailed steps:

Easy TW setup

Your friend,


If you have any questions about TW or would like to offer any autoresponder insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

I could receive compensation if visitors through the above links join TW and/or WA.