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Build your list with ease

BYLWEHow to build your mailing list with ease!

To make money online you need to sell something.   This could be products or services.  And to sell those products and services you need buyers.   To get buyers you need to send people to visit your website.  These people or visitors are called traffic.

You send traffic to your site through different means.  Most by advertising in different media.

But the great majority of the people that will visit your website won’t buy on their first visit.  Sometimes it could take from five to seven visits to your site for somebody to buy from you or any other site.

The problem is that when a visitor leaves your website he will probably forget your website url and will never return to your site.  You have lost a sale forever.   That potential buyer will end buying from somebody else.

How can you secure that that potential buyer, or customer, will return to your site?

The best way to do this is buy grabbing his or her e-mail address.  But the majority of your visitors won’t give you their e-mail address easily.   They don’t know you.

You will have to bribe that visitor to give you his address.   How do you do this?

By offering a free giveaway in exchange for his e-mail.   Usually, some kind of free e-book or manual related to whatever you are selling.

Once you have the visitor’s e-mail you will be sending him followup messages talking about you and about your products and services.  That visitor will get to know you and relate to you.  Then will he be more open to buy from you.

How can you get a visitor’s email and do the followup sending messages to your website visitors?

This is done through an online tool called an autoresponder.

If you have ever included your name and your e-mail in any online form, you have given your name and e-mail to an autoresponder system.  Did you noticed that after that you started receiving messages from that company or person?

It is not that complicated to setup an autoresponder system.

To setup an autoresponder is to setup an email list building system.

You setup a webform or capture page form on your webpage.   Here visitors fill in their names and e-mails, they will automatically be sent to a thank you page and then to the free giveaway download page, where they will get the free gift that you offered them.

From then on they will receive an e-mail from you daily or weekly, depending on how you setup your system.

There are a diversity of autoresponders available.   There are free and paid ones.  There are hosted and web based versions.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.   But the paid and web based versions are the most reliable.

Within the paid ones, there are a diversity of them.   Prices can go from very expensive to very cheap ones.

I have used free and different paid versions.   I consider that Aweber is the Cadillac of autoresponders.   And, TrafficWave is an excellent and inexpensive one.

I have been using TrafficWave for some years now without any problems.

They have a series of excellent video tutorials that show you step by step the setup process.   Don’t understand something?

They have an excellent support system and forum.

Need additional help?   I will help you.

There is a free report that will make it easy for you to build your online money making list or system.

You can access this free report through the following link:

Build your list with ease

Click the link now to access your free autoresponder report.

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Luis Antonios

Build your list with ease

If you have any questions about your list or would like to offer any list building insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!
If you want to succeed online, you must have a prospect list–Those who have the lists, make the money.  Those who don’t have a list don’t make money.  It is that simple!

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