ARAutoresponders are the life of all online and even for offline marketers.

All online marketers need to keep contact with their prospects and the way to do that is through an autoresponder (AR).

There are many kinds of AR’s out there, free and paid ones.

The free ones have the disadvantage that they include ads, that’s the price you pay for getting it free.

Most have a series of limitations, for example: you have limited subscribers, limited ad campaigns, these are called autoresponders, limited e-mails you can send, and other limitations.

One problem with free AR’s is that they tend to be short lived.  I have joined a few AR’s that have disappeared, and with my leads in them.   One good lifelong free AR is ListWire, but it too has a few limitations, one is the ads.

There are other AR’s that offer free trials, some are for a few days, others for 30 days.

Some offer low cost trials, for example: $1 one month trial, others offer money back guarantee on the first month.  This is if you are not satisfied with their service in your first month of service, they will refund that month’s payment.

You can cancel your AR subscription at any time, but after the first month you won’t receive a refund if you cancel membership to their service.

There are the self-hosted AR’s, and the Web based AR’s.   Self-hosted is that you upload the AR to your hosting provider and you have complete control of it, usually you pay a one time fee.  The problem with these AR is that you are responsible for whatever happens with the use of your AR.   This is a great headache with SPAM issues.  Spam complains can get you into big problems, even having your AR undeliverability and your host account cancelled.

The other option is a web based AR.  This is the one we recommend.  You can count on the administrators support, spam issues fixing, deliverability issues, and any problem and good maintenance support.

Aweber is the cadilac of AR’s, but they charge a monthly fee based on the number of subscribers in the account, the higher the number of subscribers, the higher their monthly fee.

MailChimp is a good AR, but they have restriction rules to accept affiliate marketers, which is a main income earner for most online marketers.

Some online marketing programs, and most affiliate programs, include an AR with your replicated website, but they have full control of it.  If you leave the program or if your account is cancelled or deleted for any reason, you lose your mailing list with them.

We use and recommend TrafficWave (TW) AR.  Why?


* They have a 30 day free trial offer, no credit card needed, if at the end of the month you don’t want to continue with their service, you do nothing.

* They have only one monthly fee: $18.95, no upgrades.

* They offer unlimited subscribers,

* Unlimited autoresponders (mail campaigns),

* Unlimited message mailings

* Video tutorial training

* Responsive support

* They have an Affiliate program where you can earn commissions when you refer others to their service

* They are web based

* Your first three paid referrals earn you $6.95, meaning that with three paid referrals your TW AR is paid for, free

* Many more benefits,,,,

If you integrate TW with WA you will have an excellent money making program:

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Click here to access Wealthy Affiliate site

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If you have any questions about TW or would like to offer any autoresponder insight you have gotten over the years (from your personal experiences), please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear all about it!

I could receive compensation if visitors through the above links join TW and/or WA.

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