Get the best autoresponder for your e-mail marketing

Get the best autoresponder for your

e-mail marketing

An autoresponder program with

everything you need to succeed

You already know that you need an autoresponder to succeed online and even offline.  Autoresponders are the life of any online business, that’s a given.

But you have to be sure that you are getting the best autoresponder at the best price.   Affordable even to a starting business with a low budget.   And with a fixed price, no surprises with upsells.

Who needs an autoresponder?

All people, organizations, businesses, religious groups, political groups, associations, fraternities, sororities, professional groups, community groups, and all kind of institutions that need to keep in contact with their members, need an autoresponder to effectively communicate with their membership.

Businesses do need an autoresponder to be professional and that their clients and subscribers see them as that. As serious, legitimate companies.

There are a diversity of autoresponders. Some free, others paid, others web based, others hosted, some with a monthly fee, others with one time payment.

Most of the paid versions are good. Some are Aweber, Getresponse, GVO, Mailchimp, eContact, Rocket, TrafficWave. All of these are web based.

Some of these charge a flat monthly fee, others charge based on the amount of subscribers that are in your lists. The more subscribers the more you pay. The Cadillac of these autoresponders is Aweber. They charge based on the number of subscribers. They are very sophisticated.

A web based autoresponder is hosted with the company you are paying to. This means that their administration’s take care of everything related to the autoresponder. Technical problems, customer support, questions, inquiries, SPAM issues, CAN compliance, laws that affect autoresponders, deliverity, crashes, hosting issues, and all the other issues and problems that usually occur with these programs. And, their software doesn’t take any bandwith or other space within your computer, or online hosting and programs.

YOU SAVE yourself a lot of headaches by having a web based autoresponder. All the problems and issues that they will handle for you more than pays for the fee you pay them.

Most of the one time payment autoresponder programs are self hosted. That means that you host them in your system, hosting provider, computer. YOU own the program and you are responsible for all things related to autoresponders. YOU have to handle and manage alone the program, or script. If you are not the technical guy, if you don’t have much time to solve problems, this is not for you. And, you have the SPAM issues that are a constant bug with these systems. Even if you don’t have to keep paying for the program, you own it, the headaches that these bring could make it more expensive in time and money investment.

The free autoresponder versions could seem great at first glance, but in reality they are not. The only advantage is that you don’t pay for them. There are many disadvantages: most have ads within the messages that you send, and you can’t control that, that’s how they make money. Most have a short life. Most free versions are gone by the second year of existence. And, you need a system that will be here for the next twenty years.

The only free autoresponder that I know of that has survived several years is ListWire. But they have the usual disadvantages of free programs. They have ads, you can use only English with them, your account can be canceled easily, there are some aspects that you can’t control.

There are business opportunity and affiliate marketing programs that include an autoresponder, some free, some paid, but your lists are controlled by that program, you have few, if any, control over how to use the autoresponder. Your subscribers will be part of that program.

I have experienced all the versions above: paid, free, web based, self hosted, other program’s systems, computer based (you have to keep your computer on for this system to work).

I have kept for years using TrafficWave [TW]. They have been reliable, the lowest priced, they include training, great support, deliverity, they even include a great business affiliate opportunity.

And, they have a free offer, no credit card required 30 day free trial.

After the 30 day free trial if you decide to keep the service you pay only $17.95 per month with unlimited subscribers, always the same fee. Unlimited campaigns, too.

You receive a cash bonus of $17.95 for every paying referral you bring to the program. They have a 3 x 10 matrix where they pay you $6.00 for your first level [three referrals]. That means that with three paid referrals, your system is paid off, it’s free!

Many people join the program for it’s features and low price, they don’t participate in the affiliate program, they want the system. Others participate because of the business or money making opportunity. And others join the program for both: personal or business use, and for the earnings promoting the program.

You can have a look of TW clicking here:


There are several free reports offered where they teach you on how to set up a TW campaign. But most of them are useful for people that have had some training on how to use autoresponders.

I have written a more detailed free report on how to set up this great autoresponder. Tiny by tiny step training with dozens of screenshots showing you how to set up your first ad campaign with an autoresponder.

And since setting up an autoresponder requires several tools, all of them are included. And you don’t have to spend a cent to start. Even with the autoresponder, remember that TW has a 30 day no credit card required free trial. In those 30 days you have the opportunity to try and test everything.

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Luis Antonios

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