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If you want to really have a money making opportunity online you need a website.  And to have a website you need a domain name and hosting.

For a domain name registrar you can go to my review on GoDaddy.

Hosting is where your website will be located in the world wide web.  It is like having a piece of land or property or real estate.

In the brick and mortar world, offline, you have a business that has a building and that building is built on a piece of land.  That is what hosting provides, it provides you with an online real estate for you to build your website (building).

You can get a free hosting account to build a website, but usually this has many disadvantages that will have a negative impact in your business or money making opportunity.

One of the negatives is that you have to use a subdomain or redirect of the free hosting provider’s domain name.  And that will make people think that you are not reliable.

Even if you are promoting affiliate programs, having your own website will enhance that.  Professional affiliate programs marketers have their own websites to promote those programs.

There are several hosting providers.  And, there are hosting resellers, too.

I recommend that you go to a first source hosting provider.  Don’t use resellers.  I once used a reseller, he went out of business, and I lost three years of work, my site disappeared from the www.

There are good and not so good hosting providers.  I have used a few of them and have found that HostGator is of the best and at a reasonable price.

With Hostgator you receive a powerful cPanel.  A cPanel is where you access all the many features and benefits that you get.  I consider that they have everything that even a very sophisticated marketer would need.

You can start with their basic, hatching plan, and as you grow, you can upgrade to their more advanced offers.

I had been with them for many years without any issues.

You can build your authority website with them with complete confidence.  An authority website is your main or master website.  You use it to brand yourself, to place all your offers there, and to have complete compliance with the online rules.

If you don’t know how to build a website, they have the famous “wysiswyg” website builders.  This is “what you see is what you get” easy to use website builders.  If you know MS Words or word processing, you will easily build your website online presence.

They have several website building or content management systems (cms) available.  And they are easily installed.  If you want to use WordPress, all you do is make a few clicks, and it’s installed.

Need help with something with your website building or hosting?

Support is a click away!

And the best peace of mind that you can have with a hosting provider.  They will be here for many years.

I consider that they have all the hosting features you will ever need as an online marketer, even if you get to be or if you already are a hugely sophisticated advanced online marketer.

Go ahead and take a look at all the features and benefits they have in store for you.

They even have a special introductory offer for you.

Try it, you will like it!

Click here!

Your friend,

Luis Antonios


If you join this program through my link, I could receive a compensation.  If you do, you will be helping me to continue offering you legitimate and honest reviews on online products and services.

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