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Importance of a domain name

If you want to make money online you need to brand yourself.

To brand yourself you need a website.

For real branding you will need a domain name for your website.

A domain name is the name that your website will have.  It’s like the name of an offline store.  The store is the website and the domain name is the store’s name.  You can get any name for your website, if it is available.  Being available is that nobody else in the world has it.  A domain name is registered all over the world.  There is only one exact domain name available in the whole wide world.

If you are marketing affiliate programs, the affiliate program’s owners will provide you a website.  But this website is a replicate of the affiliate program.  This means that if the affiliate program has thousands of affiliate, your site will be a duplication or the exact same copy of those thousands of sites.  And that won’t be good for you. If you don’t want to have your own website, you can get a domain name and redirect it to your affiliate site. Domain names are registered exactly as they are written.  Any change, and it is a different name.

For example:,,,, are all completely different domain names.  All of these domain names are different domain names.  That’s why many big corporations try to register as many variations of their name as possible.  This is to avoid other people registering those variations and using those variations for their benefit taking advantage of the big corporations’ world wide reputation.

This makes it very important to check out copyrights if you are going to use a corporation’s name, you can be in violation of a trade mark and get into trouble with that corporation and the law.

Domain names are followed by a dot and an extension.  Extensions are the abbreviations after the dot.  The most extensively used is the dot com (.com).  This is for commercial.   This was the initially one used because it was designed for commercial use.  But at present it is used for all kinds of websites.  Almost all possible domain names with common words are unavailable, specially those in the English language.

Since most common domains names are not available with the dot com extension online businesses and organizations are using other extensions.  Most of those other extensions mostly used are: .org (organization), .net (network), .info (information), .edu (education).  There are many others available, for example those related to countries: .us (United States), .ca (Canada), .ru (Rusia), .mx (Mexico), etc.

The dot com is so widely used that most people think that all domain names have the .com extension.  When they see a domain name and write it in their browser their first attempt is with the .com extension even if the domain name had another extension, usually this happens because the person didn’t noticed that that business or agency domain name wasn’t a .com.  It has happened to me, and it has probably happened to you. and that’s why you couldn’t reach the website that you wanted to really visit, and probably landed on another website.

You can have a domain name with a .com extension and another website with a .net or .org extension, and they can be completely different websites.   That is, websites not related one to the other. This is why you should always seek a domain name with a .com extension, or variation of it.  If you can’t find it then go with the other popular ones: org, net or info.

If your domain name isn’t a .com, when you include it suggest that people copy and paste it into their browsers, this way they won’t mistake it for a .com.   And you can make prominent your domain name with emphasis on the extension, so that people will notice that it is not a .com.

If you want to have a website domain name you have to register it.  There are many domain name registrars available.  And thousands of resellers.  I don’t recommend the use of a reseller if they are registering domain names in their names.  I once had a domain name registered through a reseller that registered them in their name, that reseller went out of business, and I lost three years of work, because he had it registered for three additional years, and I couldn’t access my website or domain name.

The direct domain name registers available offer a diversity of services and prices.  In my experience I consider NameCheap to be one of the best.  I have registered domain names with them for without any problems.

I invite you to take a look at their website and see all the benefits that they have for you and your future online success for years to come.

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Importance of a domain name
If you want to make money online you need to brand yourself.
To brand yourself you need a website.

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Your friend,

Luis Antonios

If you join this program through my link I could receive compensation, if you do you will be helping to keep posting legitimate and honest products and services so that you can avoid being scam.

Get the best autoresponder for your e-mail marketing

Get the best autoresponder for your

e-mail marketing

An autoresponder program with

everything you need to succeed

You already know that you need an autoresponder to succeed online and even offline.  Autoresponders are the life of any online business, that’s a given.

But you have to be sure that you are getting the best autoresponder at the best price.   Affordable even to a starting business with a low budget.   And with a fixed price, no surprises with upsells.

Who needs an autoresponder?

All people, organizations, businesses, religious groups, political groups, associations, fraternities, sororities, professional groups, community groups, and all kind of institutions that need to keep in contact with their members, need an autoresponder to effectively communicate with their membership.

Businesses do need an autoresponder to be professional and that their clients and subscribers see them as that. As serious, legitimate companies.

There are a diversity of autoresponders. Some free, others paid, others web based, others hosted, some with a monthly fee, others with one time payment.

Most of the paid versions are good. Some are Aweber, Getresponse, GVO, Mailchimp, eContact, Rocket, TrafficWave. All of these are web based.

Some of these charge a flat monthly fee, others charge based on the amount of subscribers that are in your lists. The more subscribers the more you pay. The Cadillac of these autoresponders is Aweber. They charge based on the number of subscribers. They are very sophisticated.

A web based autoresponder is hosted with the company you are paying to. This means that their administration’s take care of everything related to the autoresponder. Technical problems, customer support, questions, inquiries, SPAM issues, CAN compliance, laws that affect autoresponders, deliverity, crashes, hosting issues, and all the other issues and problems that usually occur with these programs. And, their software doesn’t take any bandwith or other space within your computer, or online hosting and programs.

YOU SAVE yourself a lot of headaches by having a web based autoresponder. All the problems and issues that they will handle for you more than pays for the fee you pay them.

Most of the one time payment autoresponder programs are self hosted. That means that you host them in your system, hosting provider, computer. YOU own the program and you are responsible for all things related to autoresponders. YOU have to handle and manage alone the program, or script. If you are not the technical guy, if you don’t have much time to solve problems, this is not for you. And, you have the SPAM issues that are a constant bug with these systems. Even if you don’t have to keep paying for the program, you own it, the headaches that these bring could make it more expensive in time and money investment.

The free autoresponder versions could seem great at first glance, but in reality they are not. The only advantage is that you don’t pay for them. There are many disadvantages: most have ads within the messages that you send, and you can’t control that, that’s how they make money. Most have a short life. Most free versions are gone by the second year of existence. And, you need a system that will be here for the next twenty years.

The only free autoresponder that I know of that has survived several years is ListWire. But they have the usual disadvantages of free programs. They have ads, you can use only English with them, your account can be canceled easily, there are some aspects that you can’t control.

There are business opportunity and affiliate marketing programs that include an autoresponder, some free, some paid, but your lists are controlled by that program, you have few, if any, control over how to use the autoresponder. Your subscribers will be part of that program.

I have experienced all the versions above: paid, free, web based, self hosted, other program’s systems, computer based (you have to keep your computer on for this system to work).

I have kept for years using TrafficWave [TW]. They have been reliable, the lowest priced, they include training, great support, deliverity, they even include a great business affiliate opportunity.

And, they have a free offer, no credit card required 30 day free trial.

After the 30 day free trial if you decide to keep the service you pay only $17.95 per month with unlimited subscribers, always the same fee. Unlimited campaigns, too.

You receive a cash bonus of $17.95 for every paying referral you bring to the program. They have a 3 x 10 matrix where they pay you $6.00 for your first level [three referrals]. That means that with three paid referrals, your system is paid off, it’s free!

Many people join the program for it’s features and low price, they don’t participate in the affiliate program, they want the system. Others participate because of the business or money making opportunity. And others join the program for both: personal or business use, and for the earnings promoting the program.

You can have a look of TW clicking here:


There are several free reports offered where they teach you on how to set up a TW campaign. But most of them are useful for people that have had some training on how to use autoresponders.

I have written a more detailed free report on how to set up this great autoresponder. Tiny by tiny step training with dozens of screenshots showing you how to set up your first ad campaign with an autoresponder.

And since setting up an autoresponder requires several tools, all of them are included. And you don’t have to spend a cent to start. Even with the autoresponder, remember that TW has a 30 day no credit card required free trial. In those 30 days you have the opportunity to try and test everything.

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Avoid the easy payday loan traps

The Easy Money, Cash, Loan Trap

 Below you will find what we call the money  “TRAP” to get you into financial trouble, many times: financial disaster.  These are the wordings used to get you into a PayDay Loan.

When you are in an emergency to get the cash you will do almost anything to get that money.  And, Payday loan companies know that.  They will try anything to get you into that “easy” cash loan.

The problem is repaying that loan and the super high interests they have.

These are very-short-term loans and because of that interests are hugely high.  Interests could be 20% to 40% or more per loan period.  Periods could be each two weeks or every month!

That means that a $1,000 loan could cost you $400 or more in interests every month!   And you argue with your bank because they offer you 15% per year loans.

Since they require that you give them your bank account information and that you have “direct deposit”, they will be withdrawing that money from your account “Automatically”!

Your bank account will be “drained”!

If you can’t pay in full your loan in the first installment, you will be paying those interests at every payment due.   In three months you will have paid more in interests than what you got for the loan.  And, imagine from then on.

Continue reading and you will see.


You can now get cash for any

money emergency you might have!

   A Fast Loan, Money in cash for all those unexpected expenses…

You have and will continue to have unexpected expenses in your life.

Car breakdowns, illness, home repairs, disasters, overdue bills, you remember that today is a special occasion day.

The experience is never ending.   And, you don’t have that needed cash.
You need it now, but can’t get it.

You visit your nearest bank or financial institution, but they require a lengthy paperwork. Or they are already closed for the day.  Or it is a weekend or holiday.

 …Past due payments for loans, mortgages, student loans, utilities, phone bills, cellular, the internet, auto repairs, house repairs, medical bills,  car payments, etc.

You are embarrassed to ask your friends.  A pawn shop requires some kind of collateral, like your car or some gold jewelry.  Items that you don’t have or don’t want to part from them.

Now you have the opportunity to get cash or funds:

$) Without credit

$) Even if you don’t have credit

$) Even if you have been rejected by other financial institutions: banks, etc.

Minimum requirements:

* Be over 18 years old

* Have a monthly income of only $1,000 or more
* Non-military
* Have a checking account with over 90 days active

* See FREE application for more details…

* Fill the online application through the link.

These are small short-term fast and easy loans.

Compare with pawnshops where you need to leave some collateral, like jewels, a car or even your house.

PayDay Loan Advances:

Payday loan advances are perhaps one of the easiest and stress-free ways of acquiring assets that can be used in a moment’s notice. 

Online PayDay Loan Application:  Most applications are faxless and paperless.  Fast, easy to apply loans.

Apply for your PayDay Loan or Cash Advance today:

Your next paycheck isn’t due for another two weeks but your bills keep coming in? Just like time, due dates wait for no one, but at links below, in just a couple of minutes, you can qualify for a cash advance! Visit them today and have the cash by tomorrow! Since they don’t perform credit history checks, applicants have a better chance to get a cash advance with no problem, apply today!

Apply now, click on the links to access your free application: 

Some of them even have time limited offers for first-time applications of their services.

Now you can easily and securely access them online through the internet!  In the privacy and confidentiality of your home.  You can apply 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Click right now the link to access your Free application on a secure page.

You will access more details and your secured page free application.

Complete the application and instantly you will receive a response to your loan application.

ASK for your loan today.

Do it now. Notice:

No fees are required to apply for a loan.  Loan applications are free.

If you are called or receive an email asking for a fee for an application it is a scam.

The loan interests shall be deducted from your account only after your loan has been approved and you have received your cash.

* We don’t process the loans, you are directed to the loan lenders at a secure page.

It is easy to complete your application:


You can have your loan approved today, but you have to complete the online FREE application now.

And here is another trap:

Need an emergency cash or loan really fast?

Have you spent hours looking for a fast lender?

Have completed dozens of loan applications with no results?

Or, applications take days to be approved?

Or, you have to send or fax countless documents or papers just to apply?

Then stop it now!

Now you can apply and in seconds receive a response from lenders willing to lend you the money you need, right now!

Fill one FREE application and you will be connected to dozens of lenders:  over 150 lenders are available!  Almost 4 out of 5 applications are approved!   You have a higher opportunity to be approved for your fast loan.  And there is only a $800 monthly income minimum requirement.   You will receive a response from a lender willing to give you your cash advance, the response in minutes and even in seconds!  No documents, forms or papers to fax, mail or send!

Fax Free Cash.   That’s right, faxless, and paperless fast loan application.

Some lenders could deposit your cash in less than 24 hours, some even in one hour!

Complete your application now, today, even if it is 3:00 am in the morning, even if it is a Sunday or a Holiday.

Complete your FREE application in a secure page.

Click the link now and complete your FREE application today: NOTE:  We are not lenders, we are informing you of these sources and they are FREE!

Urgent notice:

  1. You should not transfer money by Western Union to unknown persons or institutions at any time.
  2. The operator of this website will never call you to ask for any down payment or monetary transaction whatsoever.
  3.  Loan applications are free, don’t send money for an application.


Our advice:



You can make money without a loan.   Start an online money making program.

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We are a review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. To the best of our knowledge, their products and/or services are honest and reliable. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

If we find that any product or service isn’t honest or reliable, we will delete it from our site.

Bad credit loans

bad credit loans
bad credit loans

Bad Credit

 Loan Sources

Don’t let bad credit stop you from getting a loan — If you are tired of hearing NO, these lenders say YES!

Finally… A website that can make it easy for anyone to find bad credit loan sources!

Struggling with bad credit?

Don’t worry! Since 1998 Bad Credit Loans team has been helping people with less than perfect credit obtain personal loans up to $ 5,000. The network directory contains everything you need to obtain loans for bad credit: Secured & unsecured personal loans, car loans, credit cards, credit counseling services, and more are available to you today!

Don’t wait any longer.

If you are tired of hearing “no” when you apply for loans then join Credit Sources and get the money you need. It’s fast, and easy!

Join thousands of satisfied members who have successfully found personal loans with bad credit and much more. Finding a loan is fast and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


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(CJ  110 LD)

Do it now!

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Bad Credit Loans

(CJ  110 LD)

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* Disclaimer: We are not lenders, we provide this information of a third party and you should verify any sources given in their websites.

Id theft protection

ID Theft Protection

Most people have realize the serious threat of identity theft.  They are conscious that they have to protect their personal information from preying eyes.

The majority of the people think that they have to protect their identity information to avoid others from illegally or unauthorized access to their bank accounts or credit card frauds.

But identity theft goes far beyond financial matters.  There are unscrupulous individuals out there that want to access confidential data of others for other more serious matters than financial.

Con artists, scammers, rip off professionals, criminals in general can do all kinds of illegal acts to really destroy a person’s not only financial life, but their physical and emotional lives, too!

Identity verification documents if accessed can be used for a great diversity of legal and illegal acts.

Illegal entry to a country, loans, mortgages, child kidnapping, prostitution, carjackings, murders, robberies, change of identity, avoiding tax payments, social security benefits, retirement benefits, bankruptcy, damage to reputation, and many other life threatening acts.

If you have to give personal information ask how that information is protected against unauthorized personnel.

Request verification of any credit source.

As you can see, protecting your identity verification documents and confidentiality goes far more away than avoiding an unauthorized bank loan or financial theft or credit card usage.  That’s the easier part.

The worst part is that the law can do little for you.  And, the institutions that keep your confidential details are constantly at risk.  And, they won’t help you much, if they do anything for you.

An identity theft issue can put you in jail, even if the “help agents” know that you are an innocent victim.

Your reputation could be damaged forever.  You could be financially ruined.

The cost to work through an identity theft case could be exaggeratingly high.  And, even with the money, you are not guaranteed satisfactory results.

What are your options?

Prevention to the extreme!

You have to avoid, or, at least, reduce to the minimum the opportunities that give identity theft criminals to access your confidential information.

Carry the least documents that you need with you.  Destroy all documents, letters, bills, slips that you don’t need or don’t want.  Don’t throw in any trash can documents or papers that have any confidential information.

Some states have regulations against companies that request that you give them your personal information if that isn’t essential for whatever services they will be giving you.  Don’t give it!

If you have to give personal information ask how the information is protected against unauthorized personnel.

Request verification of any credit score and loan requests to the three major credit reporting agencies (in the USA).  If there is a credit score or loan request, these agencies have to inform you that the request is being  made before they send the credit report or fund the loan.  This will, of course, make any of these requests more lengthy if you personally are asking for the report or loan.  The agency will have to verify with you if that request is legitimate or not.  But this “bothering” process will reduce the risks or probability of you being a victim of identity theft con artists and professional criminals.

You can specify that you be called to a specific phone number for the above requests.  This can be arranged with any other agency or company that you have business with.  No changes of address or personal information  changes requests are allowed until the request has been verified through that phone number you indicated.

This could be bothering but you could be saving your life or that of a loved one.

Identity theft is so dangerous that even newborns (babies) are at risk.  Dead people, too!

The problem with baby identity theft is that it could pass unnoticed and be discovered when the child gets to his/her majority or legal age and starts asking for student financial aid, loans, university admissions, jobs or employment, and the theft is discovered when she/he is denied or rejected because of the identity reports.

With dead people, you or family members could be denied or even accused of false representation when you ask for post mortem documents or even inheritance processes of a deceased family member.  Can you imagine you being denied your grandparent’s house, that they always said was yours, because now it appears, legally, that you don’t have any relationship with your grandparents?  Or, that somebody else is the owner of the house?

There are a diversity of companies that provide information and some even legal and financial protection services to help you avoid or reduce identity theft.  Most provide information on the financial aspects.  You must be aware that most are scams, rip offs, and frauds.  Yes, there are advertisements of identity theft protection services providers that in reality what they want is to rob your identity or empty your pockets!

Do your research and call your local citizens’ or consumer affair agency for details.

Depending on the coverage of the real service providers will depend the fees charged.  The best offer for you will be complete protection.  This could be by retaining the services of a legal company or adquiring the information on how to do-it-yourself.  Do-it-yourself could be time consuming, and retaining a service provider have a retention fee.  If you can’t afford the complete package, do get up to where you can afford.  At least, do have financial protection.

We don’t list any companies that offer these services because this is a very sensitive area.  We don’t want to recommend a company because of some kind of misunderstanding.  Always do your own verification.  Call your local Better Business Bureau.  They have an online business verification division.

Some of the companies have free trial offers.   You can signup and get a test drive of their services.  And you will receive plenty of additional or complementary details on how to protect your possessions, family and yourself.

Do request details from them.  And read the “Terms of Service”.  You will be highly grateful you did!


Humanity wellness

Giving Love
is a Project of:
Humanity Wellness Organization

Humanity Wellness is a movement dedicated to the wellness of mankind. We get involved with a diversity of groups that work to improve the quality of life of the human being.
This relates to everything in our planet:
Community Development

Wellbeing of children
Green planet
Economic Development
We have the goal to help in fundraising and at the same time
helping the giver.


That’s why you will see that we promote some offers that you don’t have to put money out of your pocket to help us. You do some action, like writing your name and email address, or filling a form, or requesting some free sample of a product, etc. By those actions we receive credit and you will be helping us. There is no obligation to buy.

The companies that have these offers have excellent products and/or services. And they want you to look them over.

You will probably find a product or service that you want to have.


• A free list building account: you need it to have your very own list: Remember that the “Money is in the List”. This is a free program. You have a potential of having a huge downline list. Since it is free you could end up receiving many signups. I am using it. Because it is free there is no reason for not joining. Click the link:


This next product will help you make money and at the same time you will help us by acquiring it.
This is not a business opportunity, you will be paid for doing tasks, nothing to sell or advertise.
Visit the page and you decide:

Volunteer Leader


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Use our free business tools

Use our online business free tools


  • Succeed in your life
  • Successful business websites
  • Great for people with handicaps
  • Start-ups ideas
  • Knowledge that sells
  • Offline business online
  • Return on investment, you decide…
  • Hundreds of pages of free information
  • Free details
  • Free information

Failure? You will now succeed if you follow these guidelines:

Succeed in your life

There are many ways to judge success.  Success in your life can be measured through different means.  Professionally, family, marriage, socially, culturally, spiritually, etc.  But one of the aspects that is of ultimate importance in our material-physical world is financial success.  Your capacity to earn money is sometimes vital for your satisfaction in other areas of your life.  Money is not happiness, but it sure helps to attain it.

Most difficult conditions in our lives have been due to lack of money.  Families and marriages have been destroyed because of this.

The capacity to earn a living or a secured financial future has been greatly reduced because of our extensive and intensive lay-offs and job elimination structure.  Unless you are a highly sought field specialist, a job might not be one of your options.  And, if you want a high earning occupation, a job won’t be an option either.

Create your own employment

At present, self-employment options are what are available.  That is, owning a business.  And, this has always been the option for higher earnings.

Offline businesses, brick and mortar, your traditional neighborhood store has been the norm.  Now, online businesses are the norm.  Even brick and mortar stores are getting into the online trend.

But 95% of all businesses start-ups fail.  Even online.  You have probably heard of the dot com crash.  Affortunately for you, you can now have all the tools you will need to succeed in your financial life with an online business.


If you feel that mental blocks are holding you back and not letting you succeed in any area of your life, go to our  emotional and physical health  page.

Successful business-websites

Do you want to have a successful website?

  • Scare to death about web site technology?
  • Don’t know a thing about website building?
  • Don’t know html and don’t have the time to learn it?
  • Do you know how to build web sites, but want an easier process?
  • You know html, but don’t want to waste time with it?
  • Do you want to have a website as a successful online business?
  • Or, you want a successful website to promote your offline business?
  • Or, you only want a web site for fun, or recreation, or education, or for profit, or non-profit, collectibles, or just for information purposes?
  • Part-time or full-time?
  • Want to spend your time managing your business or hobby, and not your website technology?
  • Can’t get any traffic to your site?
  • Got traffic to your site, but no buyers?

Then you are at the right place!

With the aids you will get through the information here you will be able to build a successful business site.  And, even if you don’t want to build a business.  You might want a site only for fun, information, sharing, friendship, collectibles, or for family gathering.  Here you will find the tools to it.

Great for persons with handicaps or limitations

An online business is the best option for persons with a diversity of mental and/or physical limitations.  Since access is possible from almost anywhere in a house, town, state, country or the world, there won’t be any limitations for the user.  There are computer accessibility buttons available to ease functions for users with limitations.  And, since access is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, help can be provided by other people to the user with limitations.

An online business is the best option for everybody, and, as seen before, it could be the only option for persons, specially, with severe limitations.  Online is the ideal business for people with handicaps.

Business start-ups ideas

If you don’t know what kind of business to get into, there are tools to find out.  Or if you have the idea, there are ways to build ideas into an online business.  You can have online business success with a professional site.

You can start selling in the internet with an inexpensive online business.  There are available hundreds of free business pages, downloads, information, details, and even free trials.

And, you can build your business website without html knowledge.  Html are the codes necessary to build a web page.  But now there are available html editors, software that ease this process.  Even wise webmasters use them to speed up their services to their clients and offer a better service in less time.  That’s more profit for them.  These html editors are the webmasters’ solutions to a simplified life.

And, if you don’t have or don’t want to sell your products or services, there are the affiliates programs where you can offer other peoples’ products and services earning excellent commissions.

Knowledge that sells

With the knowledge you will get here you will be able to make it make money for you.  Earn high profits.  You will learn how to get high traffic to your site and how to get profitable conversion rates.

You will learn how to use your unique field of knowledge and/or that of other people as your online business niche market.  You will learn that everybody has an unique profitable field of knowledge.  You will learn how you or someone you know can write for money, making your site unique.

Offline business online

You can market an offline business online.  Dentists, mechanics, carpenters, etc., will benefit from online promotion of their offline service business.  Even hard products offline businesses will benefit: furniture stores, auto-parts, etc.

Online service businesses have high profits, too: accounting services, consultants, freelancers, counselors, etc.

Return on investment (roi), you decide…

Now you have available an incredible amount of business know-how: Free!  You will access to a relatively easy way to build a professional online business or just for fun or sharing site.  Available for everybody.

If you feel the passion, the need to succeed, you are at the right place.  We are the road to your success.

After you read the free information and details…

After you try the free information…

After you test the free concepts given…

…You will feel serious about your success, we guarantee that you will be on your road to a successful online business.  You can build your good profit online business with the free products and services you will receive, but if you want to get into the higher rank earners…

…if you want your business to be the most profitable one in your field you will want to have the full versions of the free details.  These will automate your business making it more profitable and easier for you.  Of course, you are under no obligation to order anything.

Your return on investment (roi) will be highly profitable.  That is, that what you use to get the products and services offered will be multiplied.  Of course, how fast this will occur will depend on the time you dedicate to the business.

Try the products, then decide…

Access right now hundreds of pages of free information:

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How to improve your credit



There are many companies out there that promote credit improvement, credit repair, getting you perfect credit.  Some do it even offering instant credit ratings of A+++.

Most of these services are complete scams, illegal, and some are on the legal margins.

They could get you into serious trouble.

Now you have the opportunity to receive help with your financial problems, and those of your family members, friends, and neighbors.

In today’s economy, there is a huge demand for credit improvement services. And there is one company, Credit Assistance Network, that stands out as an industry leader in the credit improvement business and has been helping consumers resolve complicated credit problems since 2004. We invite you to check them out.  If you have problems with credit, mortgages, finance, debt, or loans.

They are in complete compliance with all federal laws that rule their industry.

They can help you with:

. Inflated / Expired Debts  • Duplicate Credit Entries      • Building Credit• Building Credit

• Duplicate Credit Entries      • Inflated / Expired Debts        • Security Clearance

• ID Theft / Mixed Files      • Repossessions      • Outdated Information       • Excessive Inquiries

• Late Payments       • Junk Debt Buyers• Debt Management / CCCS          • Financial Planning

• Liens / Judgments       • Short Sale / Foreclosures       • Ex-Husband/Ex-Wife       • Collections / Charge Offs

• Bankruptcy         • Incorrect Personal Info          • Chex Systems      • Home Loan Preparation

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