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We-vibe 4 Plus Sex Enhancer Vibrator

The Marriage and Relationship Saver

Is your relationship with your partner, spouse, significant other suffering?

Is your intimidate, sexual, personal life missing excitement?

Then, now you have the opportunity to enhance your personal, sexual, emotional and sentimental life.

Many relationships are affected by intimacy problems specially those related to sexual matters.  Most related to a man-woman relationship.  This is due to the fact that women take longer to be sexually aroused and many times is left unsatisfied.  In the past, most men didn’t care about this aspect.  But modern men are more responsive to their women’s need and are looking for ways to satisfy their partners.

Due to this “modern men” interest on being more care giving to their mate, many companies have produced a diversity of products and services to help with those sexual matters.

Lotions, pills, creams, prosthesis,  massages, sex education, hypnosis, sex therapies, extenders, vibrators, delay ointments, safe-sex, and many other options are found out there in sex shops and even in regular stores and department stores, pharmacies, through mail order and online.

Scams, rip offs, and frauds have been part of the scene.  Scammers trying to take advantage of other people to get money out of their pockets and not providing what they promised, and even selling dangerous potions and devices.

Of course, there are a few companies that were founded by people worried about the above and wanted to offer legitimate and honest products and services.   They educate their clients and customers on how to have a healthy and satisfying sexual life.  They offer safe-sex products, services and sex education.

One of these companies is “Good Vibrations” (goodvibes). founded by Joani Blank.  They have been promoting good sexual health and pleasure since 1977.   They offer such an excellent service that they have opened several stores throughout California and in other states.

One of the products that they are offering is the “We-vibe 4 Plus” vibrator.   It has been called the “Marriage and Relationship Saver”.  This specially designed vibrator has been through a series of improvements from the we-vibe 1.   It enhances the woman’s sexual stimulation and arousal state.  Can be used by the woman alone, with her man or partner, and even by the man.

This “Marriage Saver” has been featured in several medias including Vanity Fair.  It comes with instructions on its satisfying use.

Couples and even singles, are buying it like hotcakes.


Click the image below to access the we-vibe 4 plus for couples:


Best dating sites

How to meet your soul mate, best dating sites

Are you lonely, needing sincere companionship?

If you are looking for friendship. love, your soul mate, people that are interested genuinely in you, then you have come to the right place.

Finding someone that you can trust, share intimate moments, communicate effectively and have a loving tending care relationship is not easy.

There are many groups online and offline that can offer you this kind of relationships, but there are thousands of sites that are scams, rip offs, frauds, and illegitimate schemes.

To the best of our knowledge these sites are honest and legitimate.

Access them, look them over, compare, participate.

Your true love could be waiting for you inside these groups.

Connect with those that have similar traits as you have, and/or that have the traits that you are seeking in another person.

When you complete your profile include as many details as possible so that others can have an idea of how you are and if they are interested in you.

Include a photo of you.  Please dress informal and elegantly, others will see you as you present yourself.

Don’t include very persona information in your profile; e-mail address, physical address, mailing address, phone number, personal identification numbers or codes, like Social Security number, license number, VISA details, etc.

When you enter into a relationship do it slowly, without rush, remember, you are developing a contact that could be for life, so no need to rush.

Interchange thoughts, ideas, philosophy, religious beliefs, but don’t share very intimate information.

Develop trust.   If the other party requests very personal information, don’t give it.

If you are asked for money, don’t do it.   There is no  need for the other person to request that you send him/her any money if you are interested in the emotional, spiritual aspects of the other person, and the other person should have those interests for you, too.

You will get to know a lot, even hundreds, of very lovely and caring people, but there are a few that have other harmful intentions and will try to get you into doing things that will harm you.

These sites have suggestions on how to avoid being a victim of id thieves, scammers, con artists, and rip off experts.

Setting aside those warnings, so that you will have a beautiful experience with your dating and acquaintance  involvement, these sites will really give you joy and happiness.

If you have trouble communicating with other people, there are suggestions on how to start a conversation, keep the conversation.

A very important part when joining a dating site is your profile and your photo.

In your profile you write about your likes and dislikes, hobbies, career, personal trait and character.  You can leave somethings to talk about them after you have contact someone you are interested in or when someone has contacted you.

Many people don’t include their photo or load a photo when they were 20 years younger or place a photo of something else, like their cat or dog.  All of these could lead to not being contacted by other people.   Few people would contact you.

A picture expresses a thousand words, and photos, too.

Click the link below to access a dating site:

Meet singles in your area for friendship, dating and romance.


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