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How to stop paying monthly phone bills

MagicJackStop paying those expensive

monthly telephone bills, now!

You can talk all you want for FREE!

In this review we will be talking about saving money on your phone and cell calls.

I have had this experience on savings hundreds of dollars per year.   Some people save thousands of dollars per year.  It depends on how intensively and extensively you use your phone or cell.

I have done research online on the most popular similar devices and found one that has the lowest price and the best service.

And, if you live in the USA or Canada you can port your present phone number if you want to.

Now you will be able to call all your friends, family members, neighbors, business associates, and everyone else. And, never pay a monthly phone fee again.

Excellent and ideal for small institutions like clubs, churches, schools, humanitarian and charity organizations, political parties, businesses, non-profits, religious groups, associations, fraternities, sororities, community groups, government agencies, union headquarters, hospitals, and all other groups that call dozens* of members, friends, and many other people daily, weekly, or monthly.

This is the magic in your telephone jack.

You can call to any cell phone or any landline telephone.

There have been reviews in the Los Angeles Time, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, PC Magazine, CNBC, LapTop, among other media.

Now you can call free in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Compared to other similar devices, this one has the lowest price and the best service.

Excellent for students, small business people, people traveling abroad. You can call from almost any country to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands free.

All you need is a high speed internet connection (DSL), and, at present, this service is available almost everywhere in the world.

International calls are at a very low per minute rate. And if both parties have the device, it is free.

2009 product of the Year!

FREE local calls…          Free long distance calls…
Free phone number…Free directory assistance…
Free voice mail…           Free call waiting…
Free three way calling…Free call forwarding…

You only pay once for the device and after the second year on you only pay a very small annual fee for the service.

Remember: you will be paying an annual very low flat fee for the service, not for the minutes you use.

You may have already heard of this marvelous device.

It is called MagicJack, the magic in your phone jack.

It is available in three versions:

1- Regular MagicJack that has to be connected to a computer or laptop.  I own this one.

2- Magicjack Plus 2014 that has many benefits for you, one of them is that you can connect it directly to an internet modem or router, or directly to your pc or laptop.   Your pc can be turned off.  I own this one, too.

3- MagicjackApps that you can download to your Android or Smartphone.

And you won’t use your cell minutes.  Great benefit if you have a pay per minute or a limited cellular contract.

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* There is a limit of 50 calls per day.   In everyday life people usually make some 14 calls per day.

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