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Video creation background music made easy

Background music made easy  

   No matter what video or audio equipment you have        one of the challenges that you have is adding   background music to your creation.

Most softwares will allow you to place only one audio track.  If you want to add a voiceover it is difficult.  You could need additional editing and audio equipment and management skills.  

Some tools let you add or insert background music with audio tracks that they already have.

If you want your own music, there could be some issues.

Many will challenge you for copyrights; some will do it even if it is your own music.

You might have to record the voiceover, then the music, then the video.

Then you will have to mix edit them.

Now you can record your voice, background music and the video at the same time, no matter what equipment or tool you are using.

Or you can record your voice and background music at the same time with any of the most frequently used audio or video creators.

E-zvid video creator, windows movie maker, camtasia, camstudio, screen-o-matic, easysketchpro, easyvideomaker, animoto, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, your webcam, and many other video creators and makers.

The system that I use and is a success:

Play the music track you want along with your voiceover.

Up to where I know a pc, computer or laptop won’t let you play a cd or audio track through it’s internal speakers if you are using it or  a headphone as a microphone. 

That means that you can’t play a music track with the same computer you will be using to record your voice.

You will need your computer to record your voice and another device to play the music track, both will be recorded through your mike.

If you are going to record a powerpoint presentation, or a series of graphs, photos, screenshots or image; you can do it now with ease.

Use your favorite video creation software, like the ones mentioned above.

Have ready your visual presentation: ppt, screenshots, picture or image series, etc.

Have your audio or music track device ready with the music or sound you want as a background.

Have ready your script of whatever you are going to say during the video playback.

Test that the volume is high enough to be heard through the microphone, but not so loud that it will make it hard for your voice to be heard at a comfortable volume.

Remember, this is background music.

Ready, set, go!

Start playing the music.

Start the video creation software.

Start recording your voice.

When you have finished your recording you will have a video with your voiceover and with background music.

You can see how easy it is.

Luis Antonios

One of the easiest devices that I know of to do the above all in one software is easysketchpro.

With the added benefit of being a whiteboard easy to use program.

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