The best protection against virus

Protect yourself against the coronavirus, covid19 and other virus, bacterias and germs

You, as other million of other people, have gain awareness of the dangers, care and protection that must be taken against pandemics.  Not only covid19 pandemic, but other epidemics that have arisen and that could arise.

Processes and protection against virus

Consistently processes to follow have been published for that protection.  Among these there are washing with soap and water, disinfectionn with sanitizers, alcohol, chlorine, lysol and other disinfectants.   You have to disinfect everything.  Hands, face, body, clothes, vehicules, footwear, inside the house, etc.

You should use face mask, gloves, face shields, and maintain a distance of at least six feet (6′) or two meters between individuals.  This is social distance.

The curfews and quarantines are established to make people really aware and conscious that the danger of contagion is real.  There are people that don’t understand this, especially old age people, those with mental deficiencies mentales and those that don’t give importance to the dangers, that don’t believe that this is really happening and that it is very dangerous.

Protecting our families

There are a lot of people responsible and sensible that want to protect their families, friends, neighbors, workmates, and all the other people even if they don’t know them.  They protect themselves and protect the others, too.  They take care of  themselves and care for others, too.

There are some people that are preparing their own means of protection.  They prepare face masks and clothing.

Another way of protection and taking care is through a healthy feeding.  Eating healthy fruits and vegetables.  And there are the home, natural, and traditional medicinal remedies.   Plants, oils and potions are used.  Exersizing to maintain a bodily good condition is another way of fighting illnesses and to strengthen the body and the immune system.

A tedious process, but necessary

This is a tedious process, tiring and even boring.   But you have to do it to be able to have life, health, wellbeing, now and in the future.  This includes every other person that surround us.

The process of going from the stage of being positive to covid19 is immensilly tough.   The person has to isolate from everybody else.  Even in his/her own house.  His/her life environment converts on being closed in a room.  The interaction with other people is with great measures of avoiding the contagion.

If the person with positive covid19 adquires the symptoms up to having respiratory problems, then and there is when the agony begins.  When you can’t breath nothing more is important.  I have been through the problems of shocking with food and with a traquea blocking.    This has been for only som seconds and it is maddening.   The fight to get air in your lungs.   Imagine, having this condition where you fight for air constantly, that is  really maddening and an agony.  So as not to reach that point are the methods available and protective measures proposed.

You need alcohol, chlorine, sanitizer, face mask, gloves, thermometer, face shield, ultraviolet light, head cap, shoe covers, medical gowns and others.

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