scams, fraud

How to avoid being scammed, scams, rip offs, frauds

scams, fraudThere is an intensive and extensive increase in

scam, rip offs, and fraud activities worldwide.

And, anybody can become a victim of these activities.


There are all kinds of scam programs out there:

Phishing, dating, business opportunities, financial, lotteries, e-mails, phone calls, regular mail, charities, churches, government, bystanders, friends, family, classified ads, tv, online, offline, and many more…

Anybody can be a target for scamsters:

Children, women, old age, seniors, adults, youth, handicapped, sick, lonely people, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, men, heterosexuals, homosexuals, religious, atheists, any race, any color, any nationality, many more.

The most vulnerable people are those that are not cautious when dealing online, with strangers, and that are very trustful.

PEOPLE that are desperate because they want something or need something are good victims.

Scam con artists are now using relationship methods. That is that they take the time to become friends with you. If it is a love relationship they take the time to prove to you how much they love you.

Some get involved in community and church activities. People get their complete trust. This could be a process that can even take weeks, months, and even years to develop, depending on the amount of money, properties, people involved.

Before you get emotionally, financially, friendship, business, church, community, and any other affairs, do a background check of the person.

Even investigators, police people, professionals, religious leaders, politicians and most other kind of “expert” people have been rip off by these con artists.

They are very persuasive, good looking, great friendliness, very assertive, even demanding, sometimes even intimidating.

Many of them are psychopaths or sociopaths.   These kind of people don’t have any kind of remorse.  They don’t care about their parents, family members, spouse, their own children.  They only care about getting what they want.   Even putting themselves in danger.   They just have no feelings.

Goodwill people, which are most human beings, are easily fooled by them.  It is almost impossible for good people to believe that there are people out there that don’t have any kind of remorse and feelings.  They can’t be cured.  Very few, after intensive therapy, can somewhat have some kind of behavior modification.

This is a very disastrous situation when you have to deal with a parent, spouse, or significant other, or child, or very close friend, or coworker, or boss, church member that is a psychopath.   They will happily destroy your life and not even blink an eye.

The best that you can do is to stay as far away as you can from these very toxic people.

They could even use force or violence to get what they want.

You could receive e-mails from official looking messages that seem to come from a recognized bank, church, community group, government agency, etc.

If that e-mail is asking for your private information, if it has a link for you to go to, it is probably a scam. Legitimate institutions don’t ask for that information in an e-mail and don’t have links.

Most messages inform you that your account has been blocked because of security reasons.

Most of these messages don’t have your name. How could be that you are receiving an message from your bank and they don’t have your name?

If you receive any kind of message from an institution that you are a member of, contact that institution through a means that you know is their contact information. Don’t use those given in the message.  Never click a link in an e-mail even if is “officially” looking.   Contact the institution or agency through another direct link.

Many of these con artists even use GOD to rip off people and take their money.

If you have been in a relationship and the other person starts suggesting that he/she has medical, car repair, house repair problems and needs money, run away, your pockets are going to be emptied, your bank account is going to be depleted.

Most frequent used e-mails to get your personal information and identity theft schemes, all of these are fake, not the real institution: Bank of America, FBI (yes the FBI, too), Paypal, Microsoft lottery, UK lottery, United Nations, Walmart, generic lottery, Federal Express (FedExp), Churches, charities, Obama, Social Security Administration, and hundreds of others…

They tell you to keep the transaction secretive, and confidential, as to not affect the process. That’s a danger sign.

Identity theft is a great rising crime, and victims are left helpless, even with authorities knowing that the event happened. Some of these innocent victims have had their lives destroyed by these thieves, with no hope or help from the authorities.

If you get a loan notification of none payment, even if the bank knows that it wasn’t you, you are liable for that loan!

STOP BEING A VICTIM OF INJUSTICE, learn to protect your family, friends and yourself against all of these kinds of scams, rip offs, frauds, con artists, thieves, charlatans.

Avoid getting emotionally involved with strangers. Don’t give money or say that you have money to other people. If in a love relationship, present yourself as not having bank accounts.

YOU may be offered an investment opportunity, where the only winner will be the other person, taking your money and running away. Sometimes these people will get your money and for a few months will be bringing you profits, until you develop trust in them, and that’s when they give you the mortal blow, depleting your bank account.

In God we trust, all others pay cash.

Do your due diligence, checkout any person that you are dealing with, be a relationship, business, community, church, etc. Scammers take advantage of intensive emotional settings, like religious activities, charities, communities, friends, illness.

Many people lose their money because of greed: the promise that they will make huge amounts of money.


Humans are naturally caring people and any offer to help others is viewed without questioning. Con artists know this and take advantage of religious people, even pastors, priests, and other religious leaders of people have fallen for these “faith” gimmicks, and have been tricked into giving money and even properties to these rip off con artists.

I am doing my best to protect you, but I can’t take care personally of you, and nobody else can, you have to protect yourself by following the guide given here.

Your friend,

Luis Antonio

An institution dedicated to ID Theft PROTECTION:


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