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Almost everybody has debts.  That’s the fast way to get things.

But many times, debts control us.  Sometimes getting out of control.

We buy so many things through credit that most of our possessions are owed to somebody.  Car, home, furniture, boat, vacations, school supplies, appliances, computers, laptops, cruises, clothing, utilities, medical bills, house repairs, car repairs, insurance, mortgage, second mortgage, student loans, taxes,.

Our kids claim a great portion of our credit limits, and, over credit limits.

If we are grandparents, most of us are financing our grandchildren’s lives, too!

These situations might drive or lead us to unbearable debts.  Unmanageable debts.

Those get us into bad and, frequently, into worst credit scores.  Delinquency accounts, past due bills and past due payment charges, which worsen our financial crisis.

Now with the super high costs of living, layoffs, downsizing, government bankruptcy, everything worsens even more.  These bring about family crisis, and instability.  Sometimes getting into a divorce process.  This adds child support or alimony to the financial tightness.

The division of the couple’s properties and possessions or business (if you have your own business) continues to add to the jeopardy.

This brings the need of finance management counseling.  Family counseling, and credit counseling services.

There are a diversity of companies offering these services offline and online.  Most online services are scams, schemes, rip offs, and just frauds.

You have to research to find the legitimate ones.

We have found a company that seems one of the best one in this service area.


We even did a Google search using scam, fraud and rip off terms, but didn’t find any negative posts.

Of course, you should do your own search.

They are a member of the BBB and Chamber of Commerce and several other reliable institutions.

They can help you even with business debts.

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