Card Empire

Credit Card Empire

You will probably have access to a diversity of cards.

Or you could get the specific Credit or Debit Card that you need.

There are many offers where you will or could access various credit cards, debit cards, reward cards, and other cards issuers.

Compare for the best deal.   The deal that you want and need.

There is a great  number of offers to chose from.

Many people get all the credit cards that they can get hold on.

This could be a sign of great financial problems in your future.

Have one or two major cards.   Avoid the temptation of over spending.

Many people have used the bankruptcy escape goat for their financial problems.

But recent bankruptcy laws have made this process more difficult and even challenging, mostly due to abuse of it.

And there are some debts that cannot be discharged, or are very difficult to discharge, in a bankruptcy:

Student loans


Child support

A bankruptcy court could go against any assets that you might have or could get:  inheritance, earnings, tax returns, properties, bonds, certificates, etc.

There are to basic bankruptcy options:

Chapter 7: where all your unsecured debts can be discharged.

Chapter 13: where you are assigned a repayment plan of all your debts for three (3) or five (5) years.  During the repayment years you have a series of financial limitations.  If you don’t follow them your bankruptcy could be discontinued and you will probably have to pay all your debts.

This article is for information only.   You have to consult with a law counselor, best if he/she specializes in bankruptcies, or with a debt relief/management agency for your personal financial needs.


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