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You can get a loan even if you have bad credit

One of the fastest way to get things is by borrowing money to buy them.

And, if you are in an emergency need of money, a loan is your best option.

If you shop around you will find a diversity of types of loans.  Personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, pawnshops, auto loans, etc.  These loans can be approved at different interests.  If you have bad credit, you can still get the loan you need.  You will probably get one with different interest rates. Friends, relatives and neighbors could be sources of  borrowed money, but for some people this could be embarrassing.

There is a type of loan that is fast, easy and usually paperless.  Most don’t have a credit verification requirement. No credit check.  These loans are called payday loans, paycheck loans, cash advance.  They are mostly known as payday loans, because that is what they are usually meant to mean.

You have an emergency need for cash because something unexpected happened in your life and you need the money fast.  Past due bills, utilities bills, student loan past due, auto repair, home repair, medical bills, insufficient funds in your checking account, unexpected illness, etc…

Your nearest bank or financial institution won’t lend you the money, or they are closed at that time that you need the money.  You won’t receive your paycheck until a few days or for the next couple of weeks.  You don’t want to ask for a pay advance to your employer.  The solution to your problem?: A PayDay Loan.

That is, you ask for a loan with the promise that you will pay it back on your next payday.  You could go to a pawnshop, but probably they have specific working hours, you don’t want people to see you going there, or they usually ask for some kind of collateral, like jewelry, tv, or a car, that you don’t have or don’t want to part from.

Some payday lenders have a physical presence in several cities, but most are now offering their services online.  That is a lot of commodity for the borrower.  You can apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the privacy of your home.  The process is fast, confidential, in secure webpages, nobody has to know about your application.  And these applications are free.

Depending on the payday lender  there are some minimum requirements.  Most have to do with age, income, source of income, time working with your income source.  Since approved loans are deposited directly to your bank account, you will need a bank account, mostly a checking account.  You make payments directly from your bank account, too.

Payday lenders are in the business of helping people with immediate cash needs until their next paycheck, since the loan is for a very short time, interests are higher so that, as is natural and accepted, Lenders can make them affordable.  And since there is no credit requirement and no material collateral these loans are riskier than other forms of loans.

PayDay Lenders usually don’t require credit checks, but they do have income, credit card and check bouncing history checks.  If a borrower has a history of check bouncing or credit card problems, they will probably have to present other documents to be approved for a loan.  This service is usually provided by a third party like Teletrak.  If you have a damaged credit history, and/or have had a bounced check or credit charge back, or only a few in a time span, you could be a good borrower for a payday loan.

Since these are payday loans, lenders expect to be paid on the borrowers next payday.  This includes principal and interests.  If for some reason, the borrower can not pay by his next paycheck, he has to ask for an extension.  But has to pay at least the interests.  Most lenders can give extensions up to a maximum of six (6) months.  Interests only payments can be accepted usually up to three payments, from then on the borrower has to pay principal until the full loan is paid in six months total time.

If you as a borrower can manage wisely your debts, a payday loan could help you.  If a borrower can’t manage wisely his/her debts a Credit Counseling Service agency should be sought.  Your bank can help you to locate your nearest office.

PayDay Loans can help you take a second breath in a cash emergency, but it should not be abused.

Honest and legitimate payday lenders don’t charge for applying for their loans.  The whole process is free: free application and free consultation.   If a lender asks you for an advance fee, before approving your loan, it is probably a scam, fraud or rip off.

Some loan information services will ask for a fee, but they are selling you a list of lenders and information on how you can increase your probabilities of getting a loan.  But they state this before you purchase their information.  They are not lenders, they will send you a list of lenders with contact details and their minimum requirements.  Before you pay you know what you are paying for.  Definitely, don’t pay if the offer is to approve you a loan.  Legitimate lenders don’t ask for fees before a loan is approved.



We have offered you this information on payday loans, but in reality, you should avoid using these services.  Their interests are huge, it could be up to 60% per month!  Their collateral is your checking account.  Most  require that you have direct deposit so that they can withdraw your payments from those deposits.

In our present economy almost everybody is in a financial mess, and getting into a payday loan could get things worst.

If possible stay away from these loans, use it only if you are in an extreme financial “temporary” situation and you know that you can pay it back, interests and capital, with your next pay day check.




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